Live8 Rebroadcast

MTV actually listened to the complaints and will air 10 hours of uninterrupted performance footage from last week's Live8 concerts. Starting at 10am-3pm, VH1 will start the broadcast and then it will switch to MTV from 3pm-8pm. Some of the performances include: U2, Pink Floyd, Coldplay/Richard Ashcroft, Paul McCartney, Killers, Robbie Williams, the Who and more...

If you can't watch, then maybe you'd like to download the performances from AOL. That site has a list of direct download links for almost every performer in every country. And as always, please go to the Live8 website and sign up, they don't want your money, just your face.

DIY Radiohead

RadioheadNothing cuter than ingenuitive people, unless it's ingenuitive people creating homemade Radiohead videos. James Montalbano and his magic little camera made videos for several Radiohead and Coldplay songs. We especially like the video for 2+2=5 and Exit Music (For A Film).

Back on the Street

Well... Mike Skinner is back. The man behind THE STREETS caused quite a ruckus with his first record, and we'll find out soon enough whether his sophomore release can appease the punters. On April 26 the first single "Fit But You Know It" will make an appearance on British record store shelves with the album "A Grand Don't Come For Free " following a few weeks later on May 10.

One of the tracks, "Dry Your Eyes", was originally a collaboration with COLDPLAY frontman Chris Martin... but it has been axed from the record and re-recorded. Skinner told the NME, "I wrote the track and I thought that he (Martin) would sound really good on it. I asked him to do it and he did. After that I don't really know. I don't think his record company liked it. But maybe he didn't like it. On the day he was (happy with it). Well, maybe he wasn't, maybe he was lying to me and he walked out going 'This is not working'. But it wasn't massive stress. It would have been nice, but we've re-recorded it and it sounds great."


The Music forge into the US

Brit rocker's The Music are aiming their sights high... to the US market to be precise. If the the opening slot of the upcoming Coldplay tour wern't enough to get them noticed, they are in the midst of booking another US tour with The Vines, releasing their first album here in the states, and set up a national TV spot on March 18 with David Letterman.

Back home in the UK, they are about to release their final single, The Truth Is No Words, from their debut self-titled album. The album will have a February 25 release in the US and contain the video for Take The Long Road and Walk It as well as video footage from their recent North American tour. If you'd like a preview of The Truth Is No Words the video can be downloaded from Dotmusic.

The Yo Yo Man

It's been over 10 years since former Echo & The Bunnymen singer, songwriter Ian McCulloch has recorded without former Bunnymen Will Sergeant. McCulloch is set to release his first truly solo effort in the UK on April 28. The album, titled 'Slideling' is Ian's first since 1992's 'Mysterio'.

'Slideling' will be featuring guest apperances from Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland of Coldplay, along with an appearance (of some sort?) by John Simm (star of '24 Hour Party People').

Coldplay Expands Their Tour

In celebration of their chart placement on the US Billboard 200 (Number 5), Coldplay has added a second leg to their current North American tour. Included in the new tour dates are support appearances at several holiday concerts in LA, San Fran, Boston, New York, DC and Philadelphia and a tv appearance on Letterman.


Wow! Coldplay Didn't Sell Out... Yet

Allstar's reporting that Coldplay turned down a 85 million dollars in advertising revenue. But lead singer, Chris Martin, had this to add, "I'm sure we'll do something in the future where we will fuck up. I'm sure one day we'll be desperate for money or exposure and we'll go crawling back to the Gap and say, 'Hey, are you sure you don't want a song?' But at the moment we can say 'Fuck 'em!'"

Coldplay's new album, 'A Rush of Blood to the Head' is out on August 26th and you can listen to the full album right now.

Coldplay Take On America

COLDPLAY have signed in North America to Nettwerk Distribution. That's the good news. The bad news is that the band's critically lauded album "Parachutes" won't be released until early November at the earliest. You want more good news? The band is planning a stateside tour in early 2001.