Electronica Update: Underworld Announce New Album And BBC Reviews New Chems Record

By theajaysharma

Remember back in the 90's when the term "techno" didn't describe all the new "electronic dance music" bands?  So someone (probably MTV) came up with the new sexy name, "Electronica", to describe The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Orbital, and Underworld?  Yeah, awesome music, crappy genre name though.

The Chemical Brothers have an album review up on BBC Music "Horse Power is mental in a superb off-your-box polyphonic rave assault style, giving way to the My Bloody Valentine-inspired Swoon with shards of weaving noise fizzing across grin-inducing acidic bliss-pop"  Yeah, I'm really excited for this album.

Also, Underworld has announced the details of their new album, "Barking".  It's their first album in 3 years and they received some help from Paul van Dyk and Dubfire (who's known for being 1/2 of Deep Dish).  The album is expected to be released on September 13th and I'm hoping a tour will follow.