New Silversun Pickups Video - "Little Lover's So Polite"

By theajaysharma

Being in a band from L.A. means having fans like Joaquin Phoenix. It also means having to humor fans like Joaquin Phoenix when they ask to direct your next video. Haven't released an album since July 2006? Who cares, this is (almost) Johnny Cash we're talking about. So Carnavas's watered down '90s -style alternative shoegazer cut "Little Lover's So Polite" is the cut of choice, and Joaquin's concept seems to be a meeting of the surreal (the band playing in something like a flatbed truck while the LA skyline whips by behind them) and the literal (the titular little lovers are like nine years old and apparently romantically involved). Appropriately slow-mo'd and hazy, mostly just plodding and forgettable ... but at least the cameras appear to be high quality. Such are the benefits of working Hollywood style.
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